Skilled Trades Industry Demands Foreign Workers in Windsor

The skilled trades’ worker, the basic necessity for a growing society and economy, is becoming a problem in Windsor-Essex. What is it that prevents younger generations from pursuing a career in skilled trades? Is it the so –called ‘modern’ mentality the issue? Is manual labour not being appreciated in this machine-age? Or is ‘labour’ too much for the new generation? It has become harder to answer such questions despite government’s efforts to educate the coming job-seekers about a career in this area. The Regional Chamber of Commerce is concerned with the increasing job vacancies. Due to lack of people skilled trades, Windsor-Essex is missing out almost half a billion dollars’ worth economic activities every single year.

Richard Koroscil, Ontario Chamber of Commerce interim CEO, fears the situation of people without jobs and jobs without people is getting worse. According to Chamber, the supply-demand ratio between jobs created for skilled trades and people wishing to pursue a career in it, is very one-sided. Only 26 per cent of young people are considering skilled trades as a career option. However, government programs focusing on skilled trades training are helping educate young people about the trades in order for them to consider skilled trades as a viable and rewarding career option. Due to these programs, many high school students are already getting attracted to the skilled trades industry. For anyone interested in skilled trades right now, it is a big opportunity because getting a job is easy and instantaneous.

Amid such concerns, Wanda-Cuff Young, vice-president of Work Global Canada, recently visited Windsor. She suggested local politicians and employers to open the skilled trades’ jobs for foreign workers. In her home province, Newfoundland and Labrador, she invited many foreign workers to fill the gap in the hospitality industry. It worked out very well with foreign workers in the local tourism industry and now, which has led for many of them to applying for permanent citizenship.

In the globalized world of today, allowing foreign workers is not a hard task. It is a win-win situation for both, foreign workers as well as the country. However, some feel that employing foreign workers may open up the flood gates and create security problems for the country as well as citizens.