Where Are The Women?

In manufacturing jobs, businesses are trying to recruit more women, but, they say, very few even apply. According to Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters’ report, the want of training and education for women is the reason.

According to the report, women make up 48 per cent of the labour force. However, in contrast, manufacturing sector and skilled trades have 28 and 4.5 per cent of jobs acquired by women, respectively.

Rhonda Barnet, the chair of national boards of directors at Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, is disturbed to find no improvement in the percentage of women taking manufacturing jobs since 30 years. However, she finds the job satisfaction of women who are in manufacturing jobs very high and hopes to attract more women.

While the current Liberal government is trying to see future infrastructure program through gender-lens, they found out that the under-representation of women in manufacturing industry is a vital issue. The Marketing Research and Intelligence Association who carried out the survey to know the reason received 826 responses of which 640 were women.

It was found out that the major reason for women’s dislike of manufacturing jobs was the cultural dominance of men. Due to stereotypes, women are discouraged to take up a career in manufacturing. Naturally, thus, very few women in the trade set up a vicious cycle which discourage the future generation to consider it as an option.

One of the major reasons for this vicious cycle is that women do not want to get education and skills training for these jobs. According to Statistics Canada, there was a sharp decline in women enrolling for the apprenticeship programs in the year 2015.

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters’ report calls for increase in efforts from government & companies to encourage young girls to consider education in such apprenticeship programs.